At Garden Teas we are passionate about producing the finest quality herbal products whilst maintaining our environmental and social principles.

You can be sure that your cup of Garden Tea isn’t going to cost the earth as our organic standards strictly prohibit the use of chemical herbicides and pesticides. Not only good for the environment, but better for you too.

Our ethically sourced ingredients ensure everyone in our supply chain gets a fair price for their hard days work. We certify our products with the Fairtrade mark to ensure everyone in the supply chain adheres to these strict standards.

Our products are certified by the Vegan Society to ensure they do not contain any animal base ingredients or components. Some ingredients could use animal based products for processing, such as lemon peel in a lemon & ginger infusion – if the lemons are waxed using Shellac which derives from beetles. Making our products vegan means they are suitable for all diets.

Those brilliant white tea bags you get with some of the favourite household names have been bleached using Chlorine Dioxide. Not only is the use of unnecessary chemicals harmful to the environment, but there is a chance it is harming you as well. It is impossible to remove all of the dioxins from the bleaching process and these may end up in your tea. Our teabags are unbleached which means there are no nasty residual dioxins.

Most teabags are made with paper, but they are not plastic free. In order to seal the teabags with the tea inside a small plastic based seal is heated to seal the bags closed. This small plastic seal litters the environment with micro plastics that take centuries to break down. Many tea brands also use plastic wraps to seal their tea bags for freshness. Garden Teas is 100% plastic free. We use cotton to seal our tea bags and paper envelopes to individually enclose each bag for freshness.